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Opportunies abound for recreation and relaxation in the Prosperity Eastern Iowa region. Whether you love the outdoors or prefer the theatre, there is something for everyone of all ages!

Museums: Whether your interest is art, history, the Mississippi River, or architecture, there is a museum exploring that interest in Iowa.

Arts and Culture: A wide selection of artistic and cultural expression ranging from painting, local festivals, political events, building design, plays, dances, concerts and movies make up the art and culture of our region.

Iowa Great Places: Great places ignore county lines and city limits. They embrace the sense of place, the spirit that emanates from an authentic identity. A great place connects its heart and soul - a lake, arts district, history, culture - with its trails and streetscapes and housing and parks. And it connects with you.

Outdoor Recreation: The Prosperity Eastern Iowa region is home to five of Iowa's state parks, vineyards along the Iowa wine trail, numerous golf courses, and the Field of Dreams.

Casinos and Greyhound Racing: Iowa is home to a number of gaming and racing establishments, two floating casinos and one greyhound park are located in the Prosperity Eastern Iowa region.

Chambers of Commerce and CVB's: Communities in the Prosperity Eastern Iowa region are proud of the many events, attractions, and services they have to offer. Many communities have Chambers of Commerce and Convention and Visitors' Bureaus organizing opportunities for citizens and visitors alike.